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Hookah has been around forever and is hitting pop culture hard
Hookah-Time is a company that strives for the best products and manufacturers. We look all over the world for the next products that will revolutionize the industry. We don’t focus on hookah products that will only be in the industry for a short time or impulse buys, we want the products on our site to be solid in the hookah market so you know that when you come to that you will be getting a great product that has been tested and used by the everyday enthusiast and reviewers of this industry. You can also check us out on Instagram at hookahtimecom

We love our hookah and we are teaming up with more manufacturers so check in often!

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How the Hookah have you been?

As a lot of you new smokers come into the hookah industry you will experience all types of smokers and each one will be eager to train you in their ways. I hang out with many different types of enthusiasts, from the Al Fakher, Alrayan, Fantasia, Fumari, Haze side where there is little nicotine content and everything is focused on the smoking experience and the flavors in your bowl. To Tangiers and DM with their higher nicotine content. After smoking hookah for so many years I have learned many styles and traits when it comes to hookah smoking.

I say, start out with a hookah that won’t break the bank to first experiment if this is a hobby you want to invest more money into. As you experience more and more shisha flavors you will start to get to know what kind and brands of flavors you like to smoke. In the world of hookah smoking no one is in the wrong on how they do it, just as long as you master heat management you can turn any bowl into an awesome session!

Hookah Friends

Check out more of our friends at Hookah and Beyond I would also like to thank the friends from Las Vegas for helping with our HTVI bowl testing. We have a couple more tweaks yet to make and then we will be releasing the first HTVI bowls to stores. Please follow us on Instagram and other friends as we are giving away products often.

I would also like the thank Lulava and Art Hookah for working with us to make their product stand out from the rest. Check out our Videos page and catch our shenanigans with Josh and I.

HTVI hookah bowl is in the making and I’m doing my best to get these within the next couple of month. It takes time to release a new product so please keep in touch with updates.

Hookah News

Hi Guys, just like all of you we have been really busy with the hookah conventions going on. The storm is finally calming down and I’m getting back in touch with the manufacturers on how they think the conventions went. I’m excited for some new products to come out one is from which will be a new modified 100% washable hookah hose that you can put in the dishwasher just like their current Classic hookah hose. The New Lulava hookah hose will be sporting a new wider gauged mouth piece, hose, and adapter. I have been waiting for this for a long time. I love my current lulava hookah hose but this new wider gauge will make my Khalil Mamoon sessions that much better!

Hookah-Time All Glass Hookah
Glass hookah stem
All glass hookah top shot

Hookah-Time All Glass Hookah – Coolest Hookah Ever! +1!

I think is the coolest hookah ever! It was custom made by my friends over at Stone Arch Glass Studios and The Hideaway. It took about a month for all of the details to be finished and designed for this piece of art. The stem has a built in diffuser so it is nice and quiet so it’s great for watching movies! The all glass bowl is also a new cage design which puts vortex bowls to shame, which is why I think it’s the coolest bowl too. I wanted to thank all of the people that helped create this masterpiece and we will be asking them to do more work for us in the near future in designing more all glass hookahs, we’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here but it’s about time we at least got some new rims to show. I want to give props for the lead artist of this hookah and I hope it’s the best he’s made.


It has been a very interesting couple weeks here with hookah time. I met up with Mo Taha who used to own Taha’s Hookah Lounge in Minneapolis and is now relocating to another facility. I have learned a lot about hookah in Minneapolis and how behind we really are. I spend all of my time on the web researching companies, making reviews, and hopefully writing articles that you enjoy. Now that I have seen how legacy Minneapolis’ hookah scene is there is a whole lot to do and the market is limitless. Hookah-Time will continue to grow and gather followers and we are working with vendors every day to bring in new and exciting products and some are really close to launching.

Hookah Time is researching and working with partners every day to make sure we can bring you the best quality hookah products available, and if we can't find them, we'll make them.